- About Me -


I am not my past, my achievements or failures, who I have dated or what I studied in school. These experiences are only perspectives to help me understand the thoughts and feelings I have in this moment. I am only what is now, what is present and what I am learning to create. 

As Abraham Hicks said “you have only created a minuscule amount of what is available to you.”  What I intend now is to practice and really dive deeply into what is there waiting for me to align with. That is who I am, the curious explorer, learning more every day about how to interplay with this definition of reality and find out what amazing, incredible paths are unfolding for me. 

I choose to celebrate every moment and opportunity as it presents itself and recognize that when I face challenges, they are evidence of thoughts I have previously had. My focus is to breathe deeply the sweet breath, taste the salty skin and hear the trembling music of this vibrational universe. Stopping to smell the flowers is one of my favorite things to do. 

But mostly, in this moment, I intend to talk about what I am learning. I find passion and excitement in writing and find challenge and knowledge in sharing my thoughts with others. I love to make connections from the experiences I have had and move others upward from the learning that I am growing through. I crave the depth of these conversations and I love bringing my awareness into the discussions that I have. 

This is who I am at this moment. My practice changes from day to day, but the one clear message that I can carry with me is that my thoughts hold unimaginable power to transform every moment of everyday. 

So do yours.