What if ...

What if ...

What if ...What if ...What if ...

the darkest night of your soul could become your brightest light?

I am Kerri Scott


"I went inward to find myself and came out with all of the universe."

Find out how I transformed years of silent grief into deep self-love and how you can do the same.


a story of unconditional love...lost.

Until I recognized the grief I felt for the person that I lost was equal to the love I felt for him. And the love I felt for him was a pure reflection of the unconditional love I am capable of feeling for myself. 

My Grief Journey is also my Spiritual Journey

When we bring our awareness to ourselves we have a spiritual experience and when we are aware of ourselves we have control over our reality.    

Deep personal change and success are as easy as you allow them to be. It is only your beliefs about yourself that are holding you back.

We allow so many thoughts to go unchecked and habits to form that we are, all too often, reacting to the world around us. Instead we have the choice to harness this energy that creates worlds by turning our attention inwards to attract the energy and experiences we desire.  

If you are just learning about the Law of Attraction, or have already been practicing shaping your reality, I offer you my words, experiences and energy to help you continue to shift your perspectives, unlock your limiting beliefs and raise your vibration to recognize the abundance that surrounds us all. 

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My Favourites

Soul Self Quiz

My Favourites

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Soul Self Quiz

Soul Self Quiz

Soul Self Quiz

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